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June 25, 2024 San Francisco, CA

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Knowledge from the forefront of AI innovation
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Richard Socher

CEO & Co-Founder, You.com
Richard Socher is the founder and CEO of You.com. Richard previously served as the Chief Scientist and EVP at Salesforce. Before that, Richard was the CEO/CTO of AI startup MetaMind, acquired by Salesforce in 2016. Richard received his Ph.D. in computer science at Stanford. He is widely recognized as having brought neural networks into the field of natural language processing, inventing the most widely used word vectors, contextual vectors and prompt engineering. He has over 170,000 citations and served as an adjunct professor in the computer science department at Stanford. Outside of work, Richard enjoys paramotor adventures and photography.
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Mo Elshenawy

President and CTO, Cruise

With more than 25 years of engineering and leadership expertise, Mo is the President and CTO at Cruise, an autonomous vehicle company. Over the last six years, he has played a pivotal role in driving Cruise's engineering advancements, while scaling the team from hundreds to thousands of engineers. Mo currently leads Cruise’s engineering, operations, and product teams – those who are responsible for all aspects of our autonomous vehicles development and deployment, including AI, robotics, simulation, product, program, data and machine learning platforms, infrastructure, security, safety, operations, and hardware.

Prior to Cruise, Mo led global technologies for Amazon ReCommerce Platform, Warehouse Deals, and Liquidations. Over the past decade, Mo was a technical co-founder and CTO for three tech startups.

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Chip Huyen

VP of AI & OSS, Voltron Data
Chip Huyen works to accelerate data analytics on GPUs at Voltron Data. Previously, she was with Snorkel AI and NVIDIA, founded an AI infrastructure startup, and taught Machine Learning Systems Design at Stanford. She’s the author of the book Designing Machine Learning Systems, an Amazon bestseller in AI.
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Jerry Liu Headshot

Jerry Liu

CEO, LlamaIndex

Jerry is the co-founder/CEO of LlamaIndex, the data framework for building LLM applications. Before this, he has spent his career at the intersection of ML, research, and startups. He led the ML monitoring team at Robust Intelligence, did self-driving AI research at Uber ATG, and worked on recommendation systems at Quora.
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Amr Awadallah

CEO & Founder, Vectara

Dr. Amr Awadallah is the CEO and cofounder of Vectara, enabling organizations to leverage Trusted GenAI in business applications by reducing risks from hallucinations, bias, copyright infringement, and intellectual property pollution.

Previously, he was VP of Developer Relations for Google Cloud. Prior to that, Amr co-founded Cloudera in 2008 and as Global CTO, spent 11 years working with enterprises on how to ingest and extract value from big data.

He also served as VP of product intelligence engineering at Yahoo! from 2000-2008. Amr holds a PhD in EE from Stanford University.
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Mohamed Elgendy

CEO & Co-Founder, Kolena
Mohamed is the Co-founder & CEO of Kolena and the author of Manning's book: Deep Learning for Vision Systems. Previously, he built and managed AI/ML organizations at Amazon, Twilio, Rakuten, and Synapse (acquired by Palantir). Mohamed regularly speaks at AI conferences, including Amazon's DevCon, O'Reilly's AI conference, and Google's I/O.
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Lukas Biewald Headshot

Lukas Biewald

CEO & Co-Founder, Weights & Biases
Lukas Biewald is the CEO and co-founder of Weights & Biases, the AI developer platform. He also co-founded Figure Eight (formerly CrowdFlower), a pioneer in the data-labeling space. Figure Eight was acquired by Appen (APX) in 2019. Lukas has dedicated his career to optimizing AI workflows, teaching AI practitioners, making artificial intelligence more accessible to all, and occasionally tinkering with robots.
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Linus Lee Headshot

Linus Lee

AI Lead, Notion

Linus Lee is a Research Engineer at Notion, prototyping new software interfaces for augmenting collaborative work and creativity with AI. He has spent the last few years experimenting with AI-augmented tools for thinking, like a canvas for exploring the latent space of neural networks and writing tools where ideas connect themselves. Before Notion, Linus spent a year as an independent researcher in New York City.
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Emmanuel Ameisen Headshot

Emmanuel Ameisen

ML Research Engineer, Anthropic

Emmanuel Ameisen is a Research Engineer at Anthropic. Previously, he worked as an ML Engineer at Stripe, where he built new models, improved existing ones, and led ML Ops efforts on the Radar team. Prior to that, he led an AI education program where he oversaw over a hundred ML projects. He's also the author of Building ML Powered Applications.
Shreya Rajpal Headshot

Shreya Rajpal

CEO, Guardrails AI

Shreya Rajpal is the creator and maintainer of Guardrails AI, an open source platform developed to ensure increased safety, reliability, and robustness of large language models in real-world applications. Her expertise spans a decade in the field of machine learning and AI. Most recently, she was the founding engineer at Predibase, where she led the ML infrastructure team. In earlier roles, she was part of the cross-functional ML team within Apple's Special Projects Group and developed computer vision models for autonomous driving perception systems at Drive.ai.
Mohamed El-Geish Headshot

Mohamed El-Geish

CTO & Co-Founder, Monta.AI

Mohamed is CTO and Co-founder of Monta AI, a product studio for global AI solutions. Formerly, he was the Head of Alexa Speaker Recognition at Amazon and Director of AI at Cisco, following the acquisition of Voicea (an AI company he co-founded). He also worked at LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Stanford University.
Mohamed co-authored Computing with Data, a guidebook to wrangling big data effectively, and is currently working on another book titled Machine Learning in the Real World, set to hit bookshelves in 2024.
Salma Mayorquin Headshot

Salma Mayorquin

CEO, Remyx AI

Salma is a co-founder of Remyx AI, leading the development of agent-guided MLOps. Previously, she worked at Databricks where she helped customers architect their ML infrastructure. She also runs a research blog, smellslike.ml, where she shares and open sources experiments in applied ML.
Charles Frye Headshot

Charles Frye

AI Engineer, Modal Labs

Charles builds and helps people build applications of neural networks. He completed a PhD on neural network optimization at UC Berkeley in 2020 before working at MLOps startup Weights & Biases and on the popular online courses Full Stack Deep Learning and Full Stack LLM Bootcamp. He currently works as an AI Engineer at Modal Labs, a serverless computing platform.
Joe Reis Headshot

Joe Reis

CEO, Author, "Recovering Data Scientist", Data Nerd Education

Joe Reis, a "recovering data scientist" with 20 years in the data industry, is the co-author of the best-selling O'Reilly book, "Fundamentals of Data Engineering." His extensive experience encompasses data engineering, data architecture, machine learning, and more. Joe regularly keynotes major data conferences globally, advises and invests in innovative data product companies, and hosts the popular data podcasts "The Monday Morning Data Chat" and "The Joe Reis Show." In his free time, Joe is dedicated to writing new books and brainstorming ideas to advance the data industry.
Collin Otis Headshot

Collin Otis

Director of Autonomy, Kodiak Robotics

Collin Otis is the Director of Autonomy at Kodiak, a leader in self-driving commercial vehicles, and a Founding Engineer. Prior to Kodiak, Collin held positions as Chief of Staff at Uber Advanced Technologies Group and Director & Principal Scientist at Target Corporation. He was Founder and CEO of Powered Analytics, a provider of adtech for large retailers, which was acquired by Target. As an aerospace engineer, Collin previously held Research Scientist positions at NASA and the Air Force Research Laboratory. He earned his BS, MS, and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh in the area of computational fluid dynamics for hypersonic vehicle applications.
Julia Turc Headshot

Julia Turc

Co-CEO, Storia AI

Julia is the co-CEO and co-founder of Storia AI, building an AI copilot for image editing. Previously, she spent 8 years at Google, where she worked on machine-learning related projects including federated learning and BERT, one of the big large language models that started the LLM revolution. She holds a Computer Science degree from University of Cambridge, and a Masters degree in Machine Translation from University of Oxford.
Stephanie Kirmer Headshot

Stephanie Kirmer

Senior Machine Learning Engineer, DataGrail

Stephanie Kirmer is a senior machine learning engineer at DataGrail, a company committed to helping businesses protect customer data and minimize risk. She has almost a decade of experience building machine learning solutions in industry, and before going into data science she was an adjunct professor of sociology and higher education administrator. She brings a unique mix of social science perspective and deep technical and business experience to writing and speaking about the challenges facing the machine learning and AI industry today.

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